The Process

Artist-in-Residence at the William Allen White cabin at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The Cameras:

Zone VI 4x5               Seen  at left  and on Gallery Page

Kodak 2D 8x10         Seen on Home Page

The Lenses:

 90mm  f/8      Nikkor W

150mm  f/5.6    Fujinon 

219mm   f/5.6   Caltar II N (Rodinstock)

Other lenses may be used at tines, but this set  is my regular shooting kit.

The Films:

Kodak T-Max

Kodak Tri-X

Fujifilm Velvia

Other films may be used from time to time, but these are my preferred emulsions.

Alternative  process materials remain an option for the future.

The Prints:


All negatives and transparencies are processed by a professional lab. Then I digitally scan them  at high resolution. Minimal alterations may be  made in Photoshop for color balance, contrast or cropping. Archival ink-jet prints of these images are produced and are offered here individually or grouped in portfolios.

Limited editions are not available at this time but remain an option for the future.

Images may be licensed for commercial use..

Price List

   8x10        $175       Matted

  11x14          $275    Matted

 16x20         $400    Ships Rolled